First of all, Our NRI Legal Team works round the clock to protect the rights of Non resident Indians across the globe.

NRI Legal Team Legal Support

Non Resident Indians must take care in each and every move of transaction. The Lawyers Assistance and his Legal Advice is always in need for Business deal or family disputes for NRIs. On the other hand, The Rajendra NRI Law Firm Advocate team in Madras High Court offers the Legal Support for NRI in Various area of Law Practice.

Choose the Best NRI Lawyers to solve Legal Issues

NRI Legal Team Legal Support:  Best NRI Lawyers in Chennai

How a Non resident Indian can avoid Legal Disputes?  Choose the Best NRI Lawyers in Chennai to avoid the Legal Issues. Prevention of Legal issue is better than contesting a Case. If the Legal Consultation is strong enough, one can protect himself from the Litigation. Even if the issue arise, they can easily win the case. This will be the deciding factor of Success. Most of all, the Below given are our major Legal services.

  • Property Legal Opinion
  • RERA Disputes
  • Property Partition
  • Taxation Litigation
  • Immigration
  • Family Disputes
  • Divorce Cases
  • Drafting of Contracts & Agreements
  • Property Monitoring Services
  • Tenant / Landlord Issues
  • NCLT & NCLAT Matters
  • Succession / Guardianship Certificate
  • Transfer of Properties
  • Finance / Banking Matters

Property Legal Opinion

There is a huge variation between a Property purchase of a Local resident and a Non Resident Indian working and living abroad. First of all, The Local Resident can visit the property, scrutinize the documents and verify the property in person. In case of the NRI, they may have time or opportunity to visit the property and decide many factors. By all means, They have to rely on their relatives, friends or any other third party like Real Estate agents. Here, NRI Advocates are the only best source of the Support in buying properties.
Hiring a NRI Property Lawyer
Residential, Commercial and industrial properties are the main investments of Non Resident Indians in the first place. By the way, Careful purchase will be a good asset creation for NRIs. All in all Property Legal Opinion is essential before buying a Property. Hire a NRI Property Lawyer from Rajendra NRI Law Firm for the Best Property Legal opinion at nominal Fees in like manner.

RERA Disputes

Real Estate Regulation authority is established recently and the need of legal support for it in demand. Investing in Independent houses, Flats or Gated Community bungalows are profitable always. NRIs prefer to give an advance and buy those properties through a Home Loan. RERA Disputes will also arise in the same fashion.
Hire a NRI Advocate for RERA Disputes
NRI Lawyers for RERA disputes play a vital role in resolving it even though the buyer lives abroad. Especially, when there is recession in the Real estate industry, RERA Litigation arises. Likewise, RERA Advocates for NRI will resolve the dispute by filing a Complaint with the subsequent authority and protect the rights and assets of the Non Resident Indians.

Property Partition

Partition of the Ancestral property or among the Partners equally is one the big headache of NRIs. Careful decision must be made while doing the Partition of properties. Uniquely, the settlement outside the court or prior to filing a Partition suit will be good. Unfortunately, the Cases are closed only by getting a Partition suit decree in the light of fact.
NRI Lawyers for Property Partition
After attaining a Property Legal Opinion, the issues must be sorted out either by mediation or Litigation. For Both the Methods, the Best NRI Lawyers for Property partition practicing Civil Law becomes identically mandatory here. Contact Top NRI Attorneys for Property Partition in Rajendra NRI Law Firm.

Taxation Litigation

There are huge Tax benefits for Non Resident Indians. In the same way, Taxation rate differs If there is other in come sources. Therefore one must update himself with all latest Taxation rules in India.
NRI Attorneys for Taxation Litigation
First of all, NRIs must get a Legal Opinion for all Tax returns and refund. In these Chartered Accountants may be useful to do the routine works. The Legal Support of NRI Attorneys for Taxation Litigation will be required while there is a dispute in such Tax Returns and other Charges as well as refunds.


The Disputes with regards to immigration is a complicated and tough issue to handle by oneself. NRIs who need to settle down in other countries can approach the experts to do it legally. Rajendra NRI Law Firm offers the best Immigration services.
NRI Lawyers for Immigration Legal Support
One can make an appointment and get a Legal Consultation with regards to immigration in any country. If a Person of Indian origin would like to settle in India, they cannot enter India and settle down simply. There are various legal methods to immigrate here. Similarly, an NRI cannot settle down in other countries without applying for a Permanent Resident-ship. NRI Lawyers in our Law Firm offer the best Legal Support for Immigration Legal Services in Chennai.

Family Disputes

While an NRI lives away from the home town, it is impossible to monitor their family. Due to this hectic position to earn money outside the country, family disputes arises. The difference opinion grow and will become a poison tree. Handling such situation will be more tough and not any easy job. On the other hand, their spouse or siblings may swindle the assets and properties in many cases. Here, they must approach a good Family dispute Lawyers to resolve the issue without any Loss.
Hire a NRI Family Lawyers
Hiring a NRI Family Lawyer becomes easy in Rajendra NRI Law Firm. Make an appointment and Consult online any time. NRI Advocates for family dispute resolution will support you and solve all the issues in a stipulated time.

Divorce Cases

Handling a Divorce case is not an easy job for people especially by Non resident Indians. Divorce Cases are emotional and mind wobbling subject. One can give an idea or suggestion to others but in their own self legal issues will make him suffer terribly. Of Course, NRI must have a talented and skillful Divorce Lawyer to handle it to get a Decree in fast pace.
NRI Divorce Case Lawyers
NRI cannot travel to India often. Then how can he / she deal with Divorce Cases ?. Yes, Divorce Lawyers in Rajendra NRI Law Firm are experts in handling such complicated cases. During the counselling, the Divorce proposal may be converted as Mutual Consent cases. Here this will make both the parties win their goal. Child custody, Maintenance, Alimony and Bigamy are the most crucial disputes in Divorce Cases. Family Court Advocates can solve the issue by following various legal techniques. Hire the Best NRI Divorce Case Lawyers to solve all your issues as soon as possible.

Drafting of Contracts & Agreements

NRI must look into Laws prevailing in the countries they work or do business. The Basic Law may be similar. The Business and Transaction Laws differ Nation to Nation. Contract & Agreements are Just not like writing and sending what ever you have in mind. Drafting of Contracts & Agreements by a Solicitor is Mandatory to protect yourself from future Legal issues.  NRIs can avoid Litigation if the contract & Agreements are drafted clearly in a Legitimate way.
NRI Solicitors for Drafting of Contracts & Agreements
In many cases, NRI earn money with their hard work and lose it due to the lack of Smart Work. Engaging a good NRI Solicitors for drafting of Contracts & Agreements is the best way of smart work. Every body cannot learn every thing in this world. In fact, leaving things to the specialist will make NRI life happy. Hire the Best NRI Solicitors for Drafting of Contracts & Agreements for smooth and safe transactions.

Property Monitoring Services

After buying the properties, NRI cannot just leave it alone. They or their representatives must visit the sites often. This will avoid the Property disputes. The Legal issue may arise Whether, you let it out for rent or keep it idle. The neighbors or Tenants or any other stranger may trouble you. To Avoid such Litigation, just hire an NRI Lawyers for Property Monitoring Services in Rajendra NRI Law Firm.
Hiring Lawyers for Property Monitoring Services
Consult Rajendra NRI Law Firm whether you need a Lawyers for Property monitoring services. If you need a Lawyer, you must confirm that he must be expert both in Civil and Criminal Laws. Hire the Best Lawyers for Property Monitoring Services in India.

Tenant / Landlord Issues

Non Resident Indians mostly invest in Rent fetching properties in India. NRI will feel secured when they buy a property in their home town and let it out for Rent. No, it is not True. They must engage a Lawyer to monitor the property to avoid the Litigation of Tenant / Landlord issues.
NRI Lawyers for Tenant / Landlord Issues
After buying a Rent fetching property, NRI Must be careful in drafting of the Rental Agreements. This will protect your property. The safe tenancy is always good. If there is any dispute arises between an NRI and his Tenant, they must consult and engage a Good Civil Lawyer immediately. This action may solve the legal issue instantly or otherwise it may lead to heavy loss. Hire the Best NRI Lawyers for Tenant / Land Lord Issues in Chennai.

NCLT & NCLAT Matters

Starting and Operating a Company by NRI is a Good profit fetching effort. In the same way, handling the issues is also tough. If any disputes arise with regards to company matters, one must approach National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). If they fail here, Then Approaching National Company Law Appellate tribunal becomes mandatory to contest. One must hire a Good Lawyer for NCLT and NCLAT Matters.
Hire Lawyers for NCLT and NCLAT Matters
Mediation is the first Legal Method to solve the matter. Amicable Legal solution is a Cheap low cost method of remedy. If that fails, the NCLT is the next step. If the Litigation arises in the Company, one must Hire a Expert NCLT Lawyers to handle the issue. Consult and Engage the Best Lawyers for NCLT and NCLAT matters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Succession / Guardianship Certificate

When there is death of a person in India, Succession certificate becomes mandatory to acquire the assets. NRI who spend his life time abroad will get struck up due to the sudden death of his elders. Getting a Succession certificate by self in stimulated time will be difficult.  Similarly, there is a need of Guardianship certificate for various purposes to administrator minor assets and his studies. Here getting a Guardianship certificate is compulsory. Usually engaging a Lawyer would make NRI easy to get Succession / Guardianship certificate.
Hire Advocates to get Succession / Guardianship certificate
The Best Way to get to get Succession / Guardianship certificate is to Hire a Good Advocate in Rajendra NRI Law Firm. The Lawyers in this Law Firm offer Legal Consultation round the Clock to avoid Legal issues. Call Top Lawyers to get Succession / Guardianship certificate in stipulated time.

Transfer of Properties

After choosing the property, NRI must register it as soon as possible either in their name or their spouse or children. Here Registering of properties in certain time will save huge money. The NRI would have come in the short tour to his home town. He cannot manage all the work by himself. In this case, Lawyer for Transfer of properties will help a NRI to save the time and safe drafting of deeds.
Hire a Civil Lawyer for Transfer of Properties
Rajendra NRI Law Firm is one the Best Law Office to offer the Best Legal Services for Transfer of properties in India. The Civil Lawyers in this Law Firm are experts in Registering the Properties with Litigation free transfer of properties. The Legal Support will extend Right from the Property legal opinion to transfer of properties. The Lawyers in this Rajendra NRI Law Firm take care of the A to Z Legal service in a Flat fee.

Finance / Banking Matters

NRI Face a lot of issue in Finance / Banking Matters. While the funds are being transferred, there are huge errors or Crime may happen. NRI must not leave such issues as it is. They must find and sort out with the finance / Banking service providers. In-spite of the failure of any remedy, Legal Remedy is the only source. Here, Good Lawyers for Finance / Banking matters and also expert in Cyber Crime will help NRI.
Hire Attorneys for Finance / Banking matters
Cyber crime, Errors in transaction, Software issues, and deletion of data are most of Legal Disputes in Finance / Banking matters. Consulting a Good Lawyers for NRI will solve the Finance / Banking matters easily. Otherwise, it will become a serious issue and end up with huge Loss. So First Consult a Lawyer and secondly file a Case. NRI Must identify the Lawyer who practice in appropriate forum Like Consumer court or a Civil Court or NCLT to solve the Legal Issues. Rajendra NRI Law Firm offers the Best Legal Services in all these Courts.

Contact Top Lawyers for the Best NRI Legal Services

Make an appointment today by calling or sending SMS or whatsapp message to +91-9994287060. NRI can Get 5 minutes Free Legal Advice from Top Advocates in this Law Firm. Then you can decide, the way to go-ahead. Contact Top Lawyers for the Best NRI LEGAL SERVICES in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.